As a small business, a critical aspect of your business relies on your ability to function. As fire can have devastating consequences, it is essential to put as many fire prevention and fire protection measures in place as possible. Of course, not every fire can be prevented. However, there are many ways you can reduce the risk with fire extinguisher equipment Edinburgh.

Why Is Fire Extinguisher Equipment Edinburgh Important?

At 1st Choice Fire Protection Services, we offer a range of fire extinguisher equipment Edinburgh to small and large businesses across Edinburgh and Scotland. We can help your business to reduce the risk of a fire and ensure your business has the necessary fire equipment in place.

Fire Extinguishers

One of the most important parts of fire protection equipment is fire extinguishers themselves. It is essential to have the right number of fire extinguishers for the number of floors of the building. At 1st Choice Fire Protection Services we will assess the layout of the building, the number of employees as well as the exits and escape routes. This will help us to determine how many fire extinguishers you need.

Furthermore, we’ll also recommend the best places to situate the extinguishers, for optimal use in the event of a fire.


Fire signage plays a vital role in directing people in the event of a fire. Signage needs to be clear and visible at all times. Even in the event of smoke filling the room, signage should continue to help point employees to the right exits. Signage should work hand in hand with emergency exit lighting. This way your employees have the best chance possible to get out of the building in an emergency situation.

Choose 1st Choice Fire Protection For Fire Extinguisher Equipment Edinburgh

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