Fire extinguishers are incredibly important for your business. They are the first port of call in the event of a fire. When it is safe and possible to do so, fire extinguishers can stop small fires, to prevent the spread and potentially devastating effects. At 1st Choice fires, we equip businesses with fire extinguishers Scotland as well as providing fire extinguisher servicing across Scotland.

Three reasons why fire extinguishers Scotland are essential

  1. They are a legal requirement.
  2. Fire extinguishers are a first line of defence. In fact, fire extinguishers successfully combat over 88% of fires.
  3. Failure to follow legislation could result in alteration, enforcement and prohibition notices. It could lead to fines and imprisonment too.

Fascinating fire extinguisher facts

While many people will acknowledge or notice a fire extinguisher on the wall, they may not think anything of it. However, fire extinguishers are vital in workplaces and also have a fascinating history. Here are just some of the many fascinating facts about fire extinguishers;

  • Fire extinguishers come in a range of colours. However, to be British Standard kitemarked the fire extinguisher needs to be red.
  • The world’s smallest fire extinguisher is just 480g and is about the same size as a TV remote.
  • In contrast, the biggest extinguisher in the world weighs 27,000 pounds and releases 8,000 gallons of water.
  • Niclas Castello creates designer extinguishers with his artistic creations. These designer extinguishers fit out celebrity homes. If you want one, they start at a minimum cost of $9000 (around £7,000).
  • The first fire extinguisher to be patented was in 1723. This fire extinguisher uses gunpowder in order to expel the liquid from the canister.

Does your business need fire extinguishers Scotland?

If your business in Scotland needs to update extinguishers, acquire new ones for a new premise or have a fire extinguisher service, 1st Choice Fire Protection can help. To find out more and arrange your free consultation call the 1st Choice team on 0131 603 7327.