In the whole of the UK, there are many legal requirements for businesses to provide the appropriate fire safety measures. Fire risk assessment Scotland is no different. To keep people and contents safe, all businesses should conduct regular fire risk assessments in their premises. The law states that a competent person must complete a fire risk assessment. This is why 1st Choice Fire Protection Services has a team of qualified and trained assessors to help your business focus on fire safety.

Facts About Fire Risk Assessment Scotland

  1. Within the fire risk assessment, the assessor must identify all of the potential ignition sources within the premises. This will mean an incredibly detailed search of the premises to ensure they identify every potential site of ignition.


  1. The health and safety legislation is an excellent place to start with a fire risk assessment. As a result, assessors will usually follow the legislation as a method for conducting their fire risk assessment to ensure coverage for every aspect.


  1. A competent person should complete the fire risk assessment. This means it needs to be someone that understands the Fire Theory. Subsequently, this discusses the cause and spread of fires. Often, for peace of mind, businesses choose to outsource their fire risk assessment to professional, such as the fire experts at 1st Choice Fire Protection Services.


  1. Even if a company does choose to outsource the fire risk assessment activity to an external provider, the employer is still responsible for making sure the assessment is adequate. Furthermore, it is the employer who is responsible for making sure that the appropriate fire safety measures are in place.


  1. Fire risk assessment Scotland is an excellent way to assess the capabilities of your fire detection services. Consequently, the assessment will check whether your alarms are regularly tested and maintained.

Does Your Business Need A Fire Risk Assessment Scotland?

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