To run a safe Scottish business, you need to regularly consider your fire safety provisions. Furthermore, regular fire risk assessments in Scotland are a legal requirement. They help you to understand if your business is operating safely and within fire regulations.

The responsibility for fire safety in any business lies with the person deemed the “responsible person”. This could be the business owner, manager, or employer, depending on the individual business. Under law the premises must also be safe for you, employees, and visitors. The “responsible person” is tasked with ensuring fire safety measures are in place.

Scottish Fire Safety Legislation

There are a wide range of protocols and regulations relevant to fire safety. In Scotland we have several laws governing fire safety including: Fire Safety Scotland Regulations 2006, The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 and Scotland The Fire (Scotland) Act 2005.

This legislation makes it a requirement that most businesses undertake regular fire risk assessments. There are a small number of exceptions but for most businesses, fire risk assessments are enforceable by law.

1st Choice Fire Protection works with many Scottish businesses too ensure regular fire risk assessments are carried out to the required standard. We can also review any issues and help put in place appropriate measures to protect against fire.

Fire risk assessments must be carried out by a “Competent Person”, and it is once again the responsibility of the “Responsible Person” to find someone capable of doing the risk assessments. You can do all risk assessments in-house without external and professional help. However, you may not easily have the knowledge and experience to reach required standards.

Fire Risk Assessments in Scotland

A fire risk assessment takes a comprehensive look at your business’ premises and activities and evaluates the fire risks. Our specialists fully examine and the report back on your premises and activities. Furthermore, our reports include recommendations for protecting you and visitors to your premises from the risk of fire. Risk assessments include:

  1. Identification of any people at risk from fire, including your employees and customers
  2. Identification of specific fire hazards, including sources of ignition
  3. Evaluation of risks on-site
  4. Assessment of your current fire safety measures and equipment
  5. Recording all findings – in some circumstances this is a legal requirement and having a record is beneficial for future assessments too
  6. Regular reviews

Most organisations should look to carry out a risk assessment at least once a year. You should also ensure new fire risk assessments take place whenever there is a significant change to your premises, practices, or personnel.

1st Choice Fire Protection can provide professional fire risk assessments in Scotland for businesses of all sizes and industries. Get in touch today to discuss your business’ needs.