The fire safety essentials your business needs may seem like common sense. However, we regularly visit businesses where there are changes to ensure the premises is safe and meets fire safety law. The basics of fire safety are not a choice for any commercial business. So we’re looking more closely at the fire safety essentials necessary for business.

Five Fire Safety Essentials

While your business may require or invest in a range of fire safety equipment and related products, we’re looking at five that every company should ensure they have in place:

1.      Fire Alarms

Adequate and working fire detection cannot be an afterthought for your business. No matter how small or open-plan your premises may be, fire alarms are vital. Simply because you think you can see every possible part of your premises doesn’t mean it can’t be impacted by fire. For example, a fire could be started outside, and your detection system would pick it up before you see it. Your appointed responsible person must regularly test fire alarms. You may also carry out regular fire alarm drills to ensure staff are prepared and trained in the event of a fire.

2.      Fire Extinguishers

There is a wide range of different fire extinguishers for different types of fire. You must keep and maintain fire extinguishers to the required standard. They should also be inspected at least annually to ensure they are in working order. The fire extinguishers necessary for your business will depend on your day-to-day activities. Furthermore, at 1st Choice Fire Protection, we can discuss your requirements and help ensure you have the right extinguishers for your business.

3.      Fire Escapes

All businesses have fire escapes but they have to be planned and clearly signposted. Illuminated signage is effective for this but not always essential. A clear route from the premises is vital to ensure safety if there is a fire. Nothing should be blocking fire escapes at any time.

4.      Fire Logbook

Maintaining a fire logbook including safety manual and risk assessments makes it easy to manage your business’ fire safety effectively. It allows you to keep up with the latest regulations and rules and having all your records in one place makes it easy to add in new files and documents as safety measures progress. Your logbook can include everything from incident reports to your safety checklist, maintenance dates and employee fire safety training record sheets.

5.      First Aid Supplies

While first aid supplies do not strictly fall under fire safety requirements, they may be essential should a fire occur. All businesses must have a trained first aider on site and the first aid kit should be fully stocked and regularly checked. Medical supplies can go out of date over time so it is important to check this too.

At 1st Choice Fire Protection, we can supply your business with everything it needs to stay fire safe. We stock a range of fire safety essentials you can purchase for your business.