Every Scottish business has fire safety obligations under Scottish law.  This applies whether the business is a café or care home, shop or spa. In addition, it applies to community centres, government offices and schools. Each is legally required to ensure their premises, staff, and visitors are safe from harm caused by fire.  Which is why fire safety is so important. And why, when it comes to Fire Safety Services Edinburgh based businesses have a lot to gain from working with fire safety experts.

How can Fire Safety Services help?

Fire Safety is probably one of the most important aspects of running a business. It is also one of the most complicated because there’s a lot to consider, and a lot that can go wrong.  Working with a Fire Safety Service Edinburgh based businesses can have peace of mind that an expert is helping them meet their legal obligations. This includes:

  • Completing risk assessments, identifying potential hazards and creating plans to mitigate these
  • Training staff in fire safety and the use of fire safety equipment
  • Installing and maintaining the right fire equipment for the business

What to look for in Fire Safety Services Edinburgh

When it comes to Fire Safety Services Edinburgh based companies need to look for organisations with:

  • Skilled, experienced, and qualified Fire Safety Engineers trained in the latest fire safety techniques and legislation
  • A track record in helping companies maintain or improve their fire safety procedures
  • Recognised accreditations from bodies such as the UK Fire Association and Safe Contractor.

1st Choice Fire Protection offers your business all of these.  With 16 years’ experience, they can help you with all your Fire Safety needs from risk assessments to equipment installation. To find out more, contact them today at http://www.1stchoicefire.co.uk/contact/.