If you are responsible for a building, you must ensure fire safety. A fire risk assessment Peebles is a legal requirement because of the dangers involved. They help to keep your property, people and business safe from fire. Before you arrange your next assessment, it’s worth being aware of exactly what’s involved so that you can be prepared.

The Process For A Fire Risk Assessment Peebles

When you choose 1st Choice Fire Protection for your fire risk assessment Peebles, you can rest assured you are in safe hands. Because we understand the importance of a thorough assessment, we follow a 5-step process:

  1.  Identify The Risks. So we can appropriately identify the risks and protect your business, we will consider both employees and visitors. During a fire risk assessment Peebles, we will assess everyone’s ability to escape in the event of a fire. Because some may be less able to escape, they can potentially be a higher risk.
  2.  Identify The Fire Hazards. Our team will assess your premises for fire hazards, including possible sources of fuel, ignition and combustion. In order to reduce the chance of a fire breaking out, we will identify where ignition and combustible materials could come into contact. During this stage, your fire doors and escape routes will also be assessed.
  3.  Minimise The Risks. Once the risks have been identified, we will use risk reduction principles so that they can be effectively minimised. We will also assess safety measures and ensure there is a coherent fire prevention policy in place.
  4.  Record The Fire Risk Assessment Peebles. Because it is a legal requirement that all findings are recorded, we will create a complete written assessment. This will include the assessment findings and measures that have been implemented.
  5.  Review Regularly. After a fire risk assessment, we will review it at regular intervals to ensure it is always up to date.

So, if you’re looking to improve the safety of your premises and reduce the fire safety risks, get in touch with 1st Choice Fire today.